Welcome to PlayWhatYouWant.com, home to an innovative new approach to learning piano.  Learn One on One with me, Mike Potts, over the internet from the comfort of your own home!  With online lessons, you benefit from:

   Recording your lessons - so you never forget what you learned

   No travel , No gas, No traffic, No music studios, No Hassle

   Access to the internet - Millions of recordings at your fingertips

   Access to my library - where I have thousands of tunes on hand

Each lesson is catered to your individual needs and goals, and is always based around playing what you want.  I’ll take any tune and turn it into a lesson that fits your skill level, beginner to advanced, and show you how to apply what you’ve learned to other songs you want to play.

Interested?  Check out the website and then be sure to schedule your 100% FREE trial lesson with me, one on one, live!  You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE. 


Learn Piano Live over the internet!

Mike's online piano lessons are the best, he's the coolest guy, and I always learn so much! 

-Charlie from IL, Age 20, 2 years with Mike

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Student Of The Month:

Jeremy Baccam

Age: 11