Skype Lessons - does it work?


With the advent of the internet and its video conference capabilities, music lessons have been able to break out from the world of monotonous exercises and slapped wrists, to enter a new realm of interactive learning with countless possibilities.  But why a Skype lesson instead of a traditional lesson?

  1. 1.Learn from the comfort of your own home

  2. 2.Record every lesson so you never forget what you learned

  3. 3.Have instant access to millions of tunes online

  4. 4.Have instant access to an unlimited library of sheet music

Lessons no longer have to be about dragging your music books to a music store and being thrown in a small studio with a piano and a chair.  Now you can learn where you’re comfortable without sacrificing the quality of your lesson.  I’ve been able to teach more effectively online than in person simply because I have more tools.  And with the ability to record your lessons, you can absorb the lesson slowly over time, studying everything at your own individual pace.

And forget the prerecorded lessons that target a general audience.  Everyone learns differently and everyone will encounter different challenges in their music, which is exactly why the best way to learn is with a private teacher.  These free programs allow you to develop bad habits and frustrate you by moving too fast or too slow until you forget why you wanted to learn music in the first place, to have fun. 

My philosophy is described in the site’s name, “play what you want”, because I believe music education should be about you feeling enabled to play exactly what you want to play.  My job is to make sure you have fun learning about piano.  I encourage every student to make a list of tunes they want to play, and that’s what I teach from.  Music is based on a set of principles that govern all tunes, from Bach to Rock, meaning anything you want to play can be turned into a lesson. 

I believe so strongly that you’ll enjoy online lessons that your first lesson is totally free.  Give it a try and see if you can’t “play what you want”. 

The internet has revolutionized music education

His Internet capabilities take his instructional capabilities to a uniquely high and flexible level.

Bart S